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 For MJ wildlife and landscape photography embodies much more than taking pictures. It's about gaining insight through interaction with other living creatures. It's about the challenge of capturing behavior, color, composition and light in that one perfect moment that brings life to the subject. The sheer beauty of the images is important, but the true heart of MJ's  photography is focused on bringing about a greater appreciation of nature and its preservation The secondary mission for MJ Wild Things and World Photographic Memories & Fine Arts is to heighten the visibility of fine art collections for the study and enjoyment of everyone. In addition, our calling is to enrich the public's awareness and appreciation of the fine arts through the preservation and protection of our oceans' ecosystems and the terrain that border them. MJ Wild Things exhibitions will serve as educational, cultural, and intellectual enrichment for  all communities throughout the world. By promoting the value of education, research and photography workshops through MJ Wild Things we will be responsible conservationists promoting the preservation of our natural resources.

A TRUE VISION: MJ Wild Things holds a vision which will establish the first traveling fine arts gallery and will disseminate acquired knowledge through an on-going photography workshop program. With our educational, photographic, and fine arts programs we plan to help preserve our precious eco-systems by encouraging people to get involved. If we can encourage the future of this environmental impact to our children and allow them to learn more about protecting our natural resources, then it is worth all of our efforts in making a difference.







" To conquer space for mankind is a mere stepping stone:

      But, to  explore the vastness of the Ocean's Realm,

      its secrets and its beauty is just the beginning." MJ...





When nature

has work to be done,

she creates a


to do it

-Ralph Waldo Emerson












All photographs by MJ. Copyright 2000.  All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.

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